CTEST Environments Diagram

"CTEST1", "CTEST2" and "CTEST3" ─ are currently available and can be accessed by sending a special security code in the DIAL and or IDNT segment.

Security digits for CTEST1 = @U1; CTEST2 = @U2 and CTEST3=@U3.

Differences in the CTESTenvironments are:
• CTEST1 environment reflects the current "Production" environment.
• CTEST2 contains any new products or services available prior to installation into production.
• CTEST3 like production - live update/will post inquiries, refreshed weekly.



CTEST Environments are available 24 x 7 except during the following scheduled maintenance windows:
Sunday from 3:00 AM ET through 7:00 AM ET (4 hours)
Monday from 1:30 AM ET through 5:30 AM ET (4 hours)



  • CTEST Diagram