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The new CTEST Test Files are available on the Equifax Developer Portal (


You will need to register on the developer portal if you do not already have access.


Once you have access, please contact the Technical Client Services team at: and provide the email address that was used to register on the developer portal and your Equifax test or production member number (i.e. 999AB01234). You will be notified by email once your access has been processed.



In compliance with a recently enacted Colorado law, Equifax will no longer display medical debt on consumer credit reports for consumers who reside in the State of Colorado. Residents of the State of Colorado will also not have medical debt factored into any Equifax scores or scoring models. 

Collections with Account Type Code 48, 77, OC  and Original Creditor Classification Code 02 (medical), or Narrative Code 042 (medical) will be suppressed if the current address of the consumer is in the State of Colorado.

Equifax analysis shows that this change impacts less than 1 million trades, or .0002% of the total consumer credit database. Changes will not be made to data in archives. 

As a result of this change, scores or attributes that utilize medical debt or medical collections could see some shifts for consumers who reside in the State of Colorado. For more information on this change, please contact

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