ACRO System-to-System Users

As part of our multi-cloud implementation, you’re invited to begin migrating your ACRO System-to-System (STS) full file fixed (FFF)/XML connection to the cloud – your access point for ACRO reports, scores, attributes, and other ancillary products. Once in the cloud, you’ll experience always-on connectivity, automated, encrypted security and more. Let’s get started.

Next steps

Begin your organization’s ACRO migration with just a few steps:

  • Forward this notice to the relevant development team in your organization
  • Request developers to register and login to
  • Use the exclusive partner access code below to begin your planning: 176f29e14f739a0d9bd96cc165f8c33c
  • Complete the development change before January 25, 2021

We have experts to help you navigate this change. If needed, please contact our ACRO Transformation Office at 1-888-407-0359 (choose option 2, then option 5 when prompted) or via email. For the fastest response please reference ACRO Migration in any communication related to this migration.