ACRO System-to-System Users

Your ACRO System-to-System (STS) full file fixed (FFF)/XML, your access point for ACRO reports, scores, attributes, and other ancillary products, must be migrated immediately in order to avoid service disruption.

Next steps

Begin your organization’s ACRO migration with just a few steps:

  • Forward this notice to the relevant development team in your organization
  • Request developers to register and login to
  • Use the exclusive partner access code below to begin your planning: 176f29e14f739a0d9bd96cc165f8c33c
  • Complete the development change immediately and route 100% of your traffic to the new API to avoid service disruption

We have experts to help you navigate this change. If needed, please contact our ACRO Transformation Office at 1-888-407-0359 (choose option 2, then option 5 when prompted) or via email.